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TRAINER OUTDOOR FITNESS EQUIPMENT gives You a great ability to enjoy excercising on fresh air.

ZPU Romex Sp. z o.o. - a producer of TRAINER Outdoor Fitness Equipment offers You a fantastic equipment for outdoor fitness activity. Established over 30 years ago our company is an experienced producer and distributor. With such a wide experience and knowledge we aim to offer You TRAINER – outdoor fitness equipment of highest quality. Our solid, endurable and safe equipment gives people the best opportunity to feel a real satisfaction of exercising outdoors.

TRAINER – what is this?

TRAINER Outdoor Fitness Equipment is a highest quality training equipment adapted to be installed outdoor – in the parks, public recreation areas, next to schoolyards, rehabilitation centres, SPA centres, holiday camps, on private properties.


TRAINERS are protected against any weather conditions, corrosion, acts of vandalism. TRAINERS are made of double powder coated steel or stainless steel, with 2 years guarantee. Our equipment exceeds safety standards and it is easy to install. 

TRAINER FITNESS SERIES Equipment is a module equipment – any 2 selected single products can be joined together on a special strong middle board. You can create unique fitness program.

siłownie plenerowe Trainer


TRAINER ECO SERIES contains freestandindg and mainly single equipment. Both of series gives You a great variety of devices: air walker, wap board, elliptical trainer, leg stretcher, waist trainer, surfboard, walking machine, bicycle, tai chi weels, exercising bars, pull chair, push chair, rowing machine.



Street Workout

TRAINER Outdoor Fitness Equipment is meant for recreation fitness training. All exercises need to be done according to the instructions of using placed on every TRAINER item. User needs to fit intensity of training and body exertion for his individual health condition.

TRAINER Outdoor Fitness Equipment is suitable for recreation both for adults (including elderly with necessity for rehablitating exercises) and young people or children over 10 (children under 14 must do their exercises under adults control). Maximum user's weight is 150 kg.

TRAINERS are produced according to European norms and standards EN 16630:2015, EN 1176-1:2009, EN 1176-7:2009Having appropriate and valid certificate we are sure that TRAINER Equipment exceeds safety standards.

Our Fitness Equipment is very easy to install (You can do this yourselves, even without our staff's supervision) and it requires a small area. Required area for equipment installation - only 50 x 300 sqm.

The best places for installing our TRAINER Outdoor Fitness Equipment are: parks, squares, public recreation areas, next to schools, institutions, universities, schoolyards, children playgrounds, bicycle paths, naturopaths, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, hotels, SPA centres, holiday camps, residentials, private properties and other rest/recreation places like petrol stations, roadside hotels.

TRAINERS are very often installed next to the children playgrounds and public recreation areas.


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