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Street Workout Equipment
Street Workout Equipment
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Street Workout & Calisthenics Equipment

Street Workout training is becoming more and more popular. As an Street Workout Manufacturer, we offer something suitable for enthusiasts of self-weight training. Street training involves using elements of urban buildings for strength training: benches, barriers, walls, etc. Our outdoor exercise equipment has been specially designed for people training Calisthenics. We offer solid and functional ladders, rods, handrails, wheels, bags, benches and many other practical exercises in the open air with the weight of your own body.

Street Workout Equipment

Street Workout Ladder

830,00 € net

Street Workout Ladder

800,00 € net

Single Stick

645,00 € net

Hand rails to pole

856,00 € net

Street Workout & Calisthenics Equipment

Hand rails

470,00 € net

Street Workout Horizontal ladder

1.325,00 € net

Street Workout Horizontal ladder with handles

1.450,00 € net

Street Workout Stick with handle

1.190,00 € net

Street Workout Bridge

1.630,00 € net

Street Workout Slalom

1.725,00 € net

Street Workout Vertical Pipe

470,00 € net

Street Workout Rope

770,00 € net

Street Workout Wheels

915,00 € net

Street Workout Punching bag

945,00 € net

Street Workout Incline Bench

995,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 1

2.935,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 2

1.360,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 3

2.258,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 4

1.950,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 5

3.290,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 6

3.045,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 7

6.250,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 8

2.845,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 9

1.795,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 10

2.050,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 11

3.750,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 12

3.790,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 14

4.680,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 15

4.450,00 € net

Street Workout Unit No. 16

6.770,00 € net

Street Workout Equipment – Helpful Information


Street Workout equipment is made of high-quality welding steel.

Seats made of HDPE board .


In order to ensure high corrosion protection, the devices are shot blasted at a high pressure, zinc galvanizing, and powder painted two times. The first layer consists of high quality zinc coating, whereas the second layer is polyester paint resistant to variable weather conditions.

Colours of the devices in the yellow and grey standard (RAL: 1018 and 7004).

Type of fastening:

Installation of Street Workout equipment is simple and you can do it yourself (We provide detailed user manual). It can be also subcontracted to a specialized company, e.g. dealing with landscaping of green areas.
Detailed dimensions and requirements concerning the concrete foundation may be found in our installation instructions.


We deliver outdoor fitness equipment throughout Europe and around the world. The delivery of equipment is carried out by our company or through a proven transport company. The equipment is carefully and securely packed. The date of delivery is agreed on individually. The delivery is carried out directly to the address indicated.


Street Workout equipment meets the EN 16630:2015 norm.


We are a manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment. Our Street Workout equipment is manufactured in Europe .

We provide a guarantee for all our devices. See our warranty policy.

STREET WORKOUT – what is it?

This special physical activity can be translated as „street training”. It is an excellent form of training for those who practice martial arts, athletics or parkour. The popularity of this particular discipline has been influenced by many aspects, the most important of which was the organization of the World Street Workout Championships in 2011. Since then, young people have become very interested in this discipline, not only at a professional level, but also at an amateur level, as an active leisure activity with friends and acquaintances.

Street workout equipment

As STREET WORKOUT is a very specific exercise, it is necessary to use professional equipment. Examples include ladders, handholds, benches, parallel bars, gymnastic wheels, handrails, tubes and ropes. All of this equipment is designed for outdoor use and is therefore made of highly resistant materials that can withstand unfavorable weather conditions such as rain and snowfall, frost or sunlight. This means that the equipment can be used for many years without any signs of wear and tear.

Where did the idea for Street Workout come from?

The idea behind the development of calisthenics equipment was to get young people out of a bad environment and create an environment for physical development. The exercises performed ensure good posture and an upright figure. Thanks to the large number of machines, it is possible to train both the lower and upper body.

How do you train?

The key to STREET WORKOUT training is the warm-up. If you forget to warm up, you risk serious injury. The individual joints and muscles should be warmed up in such a way that they are gradually prepared for increased physical activity. The training itself should also be carried out with gradually increasing intensity. Otherwise, you run the risk of injuring your shoulders, elbows or back

The basics are very important. Do not move on to more complicated and demanding exercises if you have not mastered the basics. These include pull-ups, press-ups and dips in particular. It is important that you plan your training carefully. A common mistake is to perform exercises that do not target a specific body part, making the entire workout ineffective. Before starting physical activity, it is important to choose the exercises to be performed so that they contribute to the development of specific body parts, e.g. back, biceps, shoulders or chest. Focusing on specific muscles makes the exercises more effective.

Examples of street workout exercises

Calisthenics equipment is very sophisticated and allows you to perform different types of exercises. Exercises that train the abdominal muscles are particularly effective. One of the simpler exercises consists of gripping a bar and moving freely with the body completely upright. The exerciser’s task is to pull the legs up so that the knees are as close to the chest as possible. A slightly more complicated exercise begins with the same starting position, but in this case the exerciser’s task is to pull the straight legs up so that the feet are as close as possible to the bar above the athlete’s head. The calisthenics equipment is very functional, so that each user can find the exercise best suited to their needs and physical abilities.

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