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+14 countries

TRAINER devices can be found in 14 countries on 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Africa). We export, among others to: Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Finland, United Arab Emirates and others.

+70 business partners

We cooperate with over 70 business partners all over Europe and the world. TRAINER is closer to you than you think. Contact us and we will contact you and with our partner, who will arrange the details of the implementation.

+3500 realized orders

We have realized over 3,500 outdoor fitness parks. Our gyms can be found in the centres of large cities, towns and villages

+2000000 users

About 2 million people exercise using our equipment each year. The TRAINER outdoor gym is used by children, teenagers, adults, seniors and people with disabilities.

<span>Outdoor Fitness and Street Workout </span>- Made in Europe.  Let's Be Active.

Outdoor Fitness and Street Workout - Made in Europe. Let's Be Active.

ROMEX is a European company that produces outdoor gyms and street workout facilities under the brand name TRAINER. We possess a very wide assortment of products incorporating innovation, safety and attractive design. Our distinguishing quality is the high level of comfort of our machines. All of our devices conform to European safety norms. We hold a certificate of conformity to the EN 16630:2015-06 norm. Our company was among the first to introduce devices dedicated to both the able bodied and disabled. We have realized more than 3500 installations of outdoor fitness parks in Europe. We invite you to cooperate with us.

Obesity, diabetes, stress, high blood pressure – these illnesses are today called diseases of civilization. They stem directly from an unhealthy lifestyle. In the present world we live in continual haste, pursuit of success and strive to live more comfortably and better. Unfortunately, this does not have a positive effect on our health. We sit at work, then in the car and lastly before the television. A sedentary lifestyle along with processed food full of fat and sugar is the shortest route to obesity and the illnesses that accompany it.

Fortunately, an increasing number of people perceive the need to change their way of life. An active lifestyle and consumer awareness in everyday nutritional choices are being propagated all around us. Outdoor gyms, that can be seen in growing numbers in parks, open squares and boulevards can serve to continue this trend perfectly. As a manufacturer of outdoor gyms, we would like to meet your needs in the most complete way.

An outdoor gym is accessible by all. Durable and easy to use devices serve to exercise various muscle groups. Our gym kits are appearing in the most important recreational zones of large cities as well as in smaller locations. Systematic outdoor exercise oxygenates the body and aids in building fitness. When training, in spite of being physically tired, one starts to relax more effectively, sleep better, become more focused and have a better mood.

This form of training is an excellent complement to everyday walking, fast walking or jogging. Thanks to exercising using Trainer brand outdoor devices, one can strengthen the most important muscle groups. The Air Walker, Crosstrainer, Surfer, Ski Walking, Rower and Push & Pull Chairs  – these are only a few suggested devices for an effective outdoor workout. Anyone may exercise on out outdoor gyms, regardless of age and fitness level.

<span>  Outdoor Fitness Equipment - TRAINER</span> What sets us apart:

Outdoor Fitness Equipment - TRAINER What sets us apart:

  • Many years of experience in production. Our company has been operating for 30 years. We have been producing outdoor fitness equipment and Street Workout for over 10 years.
  • Investment in research and progress. We have been in co-operation with research centres, technology universities, medical academies and physiotherapists.
  • Our own innovative solutions. New projects and constructions. All around the clock, we are working on new solutions in outdoor fitness.
  • We care for safety and product quality. We observe EN 16630:2015-06 safety norms and control the quality of our products.
  • An individual approach to customers. Advisors at your disposal. We are able to meet many expectations and realise original projects.
  • Over 250 products. We are capable of multiple device configurations, stainless steel, a choice of colours. Our seats and foot rests are of very good quality and designed in house.
  • Cooperation with many companies from the whole of Europe. We are able to deliver to and install devices in Europe and worldwide

Our priority is to create good and safe outdoor gyms.

For people, for the sake of activity, for health and well-being.


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