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Steel4Fit outdoor gym equipment is the most tough and durable of all the devices we have to offer.

Steel4Fit outdoor gyms is produced from the best steel and offers the best anti-corrosion resistance via hot-dip galvanization. The whole device, (along with the welds) has been subjected to a molten zinc bath. The result of such a bathing process is the deposition of a thick layer of zinc on the outside, as well as the inside of the device. This process ensures that the Steel4Fit series has the best protection against weather conditions. This line of products has a 20 year guarantee.

Single Push Chair Steel4Fit
R01A Steel4Fit

1.590,00 € net

Single Push Chair Integration Disabled + Pole Steel4Fit
D01R+SI+SLW2 Steel4Fit

2.380,00 € net

Single Pull Chair Steel4Fit
R02A Steel4Fit

1.590,00 € net

Integration pull chair + pole Steel4Fit
D02R+SI+SLW2 Steel4Fit

2.380,00 € net

Single Surfer Steel4Fit
R03A Steel4Fit

1.215,00 € net

Air Walker Steel4Fit
R04 Steel4Fit

1.390,00 € net

Single Leg Stretcher Steel4Fit
R05A Steel4Fit

1.540,00 € net

Double Leg Stretcher Steel4Fit
R05B Steel4Fit

2.075,00 € net

Single Twister Steel4Fit
R08A Steel4Fit

1.190,00 € net

Cross Trainer Steel4Fit
R11 Steel4Fit

1.470,00 € net

Single Tai Chi Wheel Steel4Fit
R18A Steel4Fit

1.290,00 € net

Single Arm Wheel Steel4Fit
R19A Steel4Fit

1.290,00 € net

Single Stepper Steel4Fit
R21A Steel4Fit

1.590,00 € net

Single Ski Walking Steel4Fit
R22A Steel4Fit

1.495,00 € net

Single Adductor & Abductor Steel4Fit
R24A Steel4Fit

1.375,00 € net

Exercising Bars Steel4Fit
R30 Steel4Fit

1.035,00 € net

Rower Steel4Fit
R31 Steel4Fit

1.295,00 € net

Push & Pull Chairs Steel4Fit
M01 Steel4Fit

2.450,00 € net

Vertical & Horizontal Massager Steel4Fit
M02 Steel4Fit

1.550,00 € net

Tai Chi & Arm Wheel Steel4Fit
M03 Steel4Fit

1.550,00 € net

Twister & Surfer Steel4Fit
M04 Steel4Fit

1.370,00 € net

Twister & Stepper Steel4Fit
M05 Steel4Fit

1.400,00 € net

Abductor & Stepper Steel4Fit
M07 Steel4Fit

1.590,00 € net

Bench + Air Walker + Adductor Steel4Fit
M14 Steel4Fit

2.550,00 € net

Surfer + Air Walker + Twister Steel4Fit
M15 Steel4Fit

2.490,00 € net

Stepper + Air Walker + Adductor Steel4Fit
M16 Steel4Fit

2.650,00 € net

Outdoor fitness equipment for all ages

Sitting Vehicle Steel4Fit
M21 Steel4Fit

Bench Pedals

Bench Pedals Steel4Fit
M21PED Steel4Fit

Butterfly + pole Steel4Fit
D06R+SZ+SLW2 Steel4Fit

2.380,00 € net

Integration butterfly + pole Steel4Fit
D06R+SI+SLW2 Steel4Fit

2.580,00 € net

Butterfly revers + pole Steel4Fit
D07R+SZ+SLW2 Steel4Fit

2.380,00 € net

Butterfly Revers Integration + Pole Steel4Fit
D07R+SI+SLW2 Steel4Fit

2.580,00 € net

Bench Steel4Fit
D10+SLN1 Steel4Fit

1.180,00 € net

Bench & Back Extensors Steel4Fit
D10+SLN2+D14 Steel4Fit

1.870,00 € net

Pull Bench Steel4Fit
D20R+SLN1 Steel4Fit

2.050,00 € net

Ladder Steel4Fit
D29+SLW2 Steel4Fit

1.180,00 € net

Table with regulation

Table with regulation Steel4Fit
TAB1 Steel4Fit

490,00 € net

Outdoor Gyms


Outdoor fitness equipment is made of high-quality welding steel.

Seats made of HDPE board and treads made of aluminum.


In order to ensure high corrosion protection, the devices are hot-dip galvanized and powder painted two times. Colours of the devices in the red and graphite (RAL: 3000 and 7016).

Type of fastening:

Outdoor gym equipment is fastened to a base via anchors to be set in concrete (anchors and necessary screws are provided along with the ordered device).

Installation of outdoor gyms is simple and you can do it yourself (We provide detailed user manual). It can be also subcontracted to a specialized company., e.g. dealing with landscaping of green areas. We cooperate with many companies all over Europe.

Detailed dimensions and requirements concerning the concrete foundation may be found in our installation instructions.


Delivery of outdoor gym equipment is performed via a transport company. Unloading is not included as part of the service. Assistance is required for unloading.

For an additional fee, we offer a basic delivery with direct unloading unto the street (excluding any further transport beyond the vicinity of the transport vehicle).



Outdoor gym equipment meets the EN 16630:2015 norm.


We are a manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment. Our equipment is manufactured in Poland.

We provide a guarantee for all our devices. See our warranty policy.

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