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Four outdoor gym stations

Here are our suggestions for functional and elaborate outdoor gym four station. A quadruple pylon can combine any outdoor gym equipment from the Fitness series.

Outdoor fitness equipment - Four outdoor gym stations

Our sample proposals include a set consisting of an Push Chair, Air Walker, Crosstrainer and Raising Leg. Equipment for outdoor gym training can be set up differently – if you need help, we invite you to contact our company. Outdoor gym equipment in multi-station sets is a good solution when you want to fit as much equipment as possible in a small space. The devices are very durable and safe. Protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanization.


Push Chair Steel4Fit
D01 Steel4Fit

Integration push chair Steel4Fit
D01R+SI Steel4Fit

Pull Chair Steel4Fit
D02 Steel4Fit

Integration pull chair Steel4Fit
D02R+SI Steel4Fit

Surfer Steel4Fit
D03 Steel4Fit

Air Walker Steel4Fit
D04 Steel4Fit

Leg Stretcher Steel4Fit
D05 Steel4Fit

Integration butterfly Steel4Fit
D06R+SZ Steel4Fit

Integration butterfly revers Steel4Fit
D06R+SI Steel4Fit

Butterfly Revers Steel4Fit
D07R+SZ Steel4Fit

Butterfly Steel4Fit
D07R+SI Steel4Fit

Twister Steel4Fit
D08 Steel4Fit

Bench Steel4Fit
D10 Steel4Fit

Crosstrainer Steel4Fit
D11 Steel4Fit

Vertical Massager Steel4Fit
D12 Steel4Fit

Horizontal Massager Steel4Fit
D13 Steel4Fit

Back Extensors Steel4Fit
D14 Steel4Fit

Rider Steel4Fit
D15 Steel4Fit

Pull-Up Bracket Steel4Fit
D16 Steel4Fit

Tai Chi Wheel Steel4Fit
D18 Steel4Fit

Arm Wheel Steel4Fit
D19 Steel4Fit

Pull Bench Steel4Fit
D20R Steel4Fit

Stepper Steel4Fit
D21 Steel4Fit

Walking Machine/Ski Steel4Fit
D22 Steel4Fit

Adductor & Abductor Steel4Fit
D24 Steel4Fit

Raising Leg Steel4Fit
D28 Steel4Fit

Ladder Steel4Fit
D29 Steel4Fit

Exersing Bars Steel4Fit
D30 Steel4Fit

Rower Steel4Fit
D31 Steel4Fit

Pylon Steel4Fit
P01 Steel4Fit

Quadruple Pylon Steel4Fit
P04 Steel4Fit


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